Denial Code CO 29: Insurance Denial for Timely Filing and Solution

Denial Code CO 29: Insurance denial for timely filing


Denial code CO 29 – The time limit for filing has expired.

Insurance will deny the claim with Denial code CO 29, whenever the claims submitted after the time frame.
All Insurances has set timely filing limit to submit the claims and they expect the claims should be submitted within that time limit, if not claims will be denied as above.


  • First check to see, when insurance has received the Initial claim.
  • Check the timely filing limit of that particular insurance from the above list or with insurance claims department representative.
  • Once you have collected the above information, the next step is to calculate and check whether the claim submitted within time limit with simple below formula.

Time taken to submit the original Claim=Date Insurance received the initial Claim (Claim received date)–Date service provided to the patient (DOS).

  • After calculating if claim was submitted within the insurance time frame, then reach the insurance claims department and send the claim back for reprocessing (Stating claim submitted within insurance time frame).
  • If Claims submitted after the time frame, first check to see whether you have proof of timely filing. If you have proof that states you have filed the claim within time frame, then appeal the claim with POTF (Proof of timely filing).

POTF Example: (Proof of Timely Filing)

As explained in below example we have so many other scenarios, where we can consider that as POTF (Proof of Timely Filing).
Provider performed the service to the patient on 06/01/2018(DOS).
Assume Provider or Medical billing company submits the claim to BCBS insurance first to reimburse the payment and they received the claim initially on 08/03/2018 and denied the claim on 09/22/2018 as Need Primary EOB.
After reviewing with BCBS insurance or patient, they will come to know that the patient is having Cigna as primary insurance.
Assume Provider or Medical billing company will update and submit the claim to Primary Cigna on 10/15/2018. But after submitting Cigna insurance received the claim on 10/18/2018 and denied the claim on 10/20/2018 as Denial Code CO 29 – The time limit for filing has expired.
As we know Cigna filing limit is 90 days and they denied the claim correctly, because provider or Medical billing company filed the claim to Cigna after the filing limit.
But we can consider BCBS insurance denied EOB as proof of timely filing as we initially submitted the claim to BCBS within 90 days. In this case we can consider that as POTF (BCBS denied EOB) and appeal the claim to Cigna insurance to reimburse the claim.

With the following question you can reach the claims department to check on below denial:

  1. May I know the Claim received date and Denial date?
  2. May I know the Time frame to submit the claim?
  3. Check or Calculate whether the claim is filed within the Filing Limit and insurance received the claim within the filing limit?
  4. If Yes (Insurance received within time frame): Inform the same with Insurance claims department representative and sent it back for reprocessing.
  5. If Not (Insurance received within not time frame): First check to see if you have proof that shows claim submitted within time frame. If found then appeal with proof of timely filing. (So obtain appealing limit, appealing address or fax# to appeal the claim). If Suppose no proof found, then take the necessary action as per the Client specification (Write off)
  6. May I know the Claim Number and Cal reference Number?

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