Future of Medical Coders with Computer Assisted Coding System

Future of Medical Coders with Computer Assisted Coding System

Technology has finally arrived that is radically changing the process of medical coding in health information management. Computer assisted coding (CAC) automatically generates medical codes directly from medical records. With CAC technology, healthcare organizations can streamline their revenue cycle process while becoming more compliant with the increasingly complex payer’s guidelines and quality reporting requirements.

Computer assisted coding (CAC) does not eliminate the need for medical coding professionals to be involved in the coding process, but it can make them more productive and accurate.

Similar conceptually to “spell check” the software uses natural language processing to highlight key terms and phrases for ICD-10 CM and the American Medical Association AMA‘s Current Procedural Terminology coding. In addition, CACS analyze the context to determine whether a particular instance requires coding.

For example, the software can determine that the term “cancer” requires coding when it’s a diagnosis, but not when it is referring to a “family history of cancer.”

Traditionally such coding is performed by people called Medical coders, but the shift toward technology-driven healthcare has increased the necessity and demand for medical coding systems — especially with the growth in electronic health record (EHR) implementation and the transition to ICD-10-CM. This has led to a hybrid system, in which CACS performs a majority of the medical coding, especially on routine procedures, and coders address more complex scenarios while auditing the CACS output.

“Computer-Assisted Medical Coding Market” is expected to develop speedily in all development areas over the period between 2021 and 2027.


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