Toll Free Phone Numbers and Websites of MVA & Auto Insurance Companies in New York

Toll Free Phone Numbers and Websites of MVA & Auto Insurance Companies in New York

Below is the list of toll-free phone numbers and websites at which patients and billing companies may contact MVA & Auto Insurance Companies. Insurance companies denoted with an asterisk (*) do not offer the ability to obtain a quote or purchase a policy directly through their website.

Information on Insurance companies not listed here may be obtained by contacting licensed insurance agents or brokers in New York.

Company Name Telephone Number Website
A. Central Insurance Co. 800-234-6926
Adirondack Insurance Exchange* 877-629-8003
Allmerica Financial Alliance Insurance Co. 800-922-8427
Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Co. 800-255-7828
Allstate Insurance Co.* 800-255-7828
American States Insurance Co. 800-332-3226
Amica Mutual Insurance Co. 800-242-6422
Amica Property and Casualty Co. 800-242-6422
Chubb National Insurance Co.* 866-324-8222
Citizens Insurance Co. of America 800-922-8427
Country-Wide Insurance Co.* 800-796-9288
Erie Insurance Co. 814-870-2000
Erie Insurance Co. of NY 800-458-0811
Esurance Insurance Co. 800-378-7262
Esurance Property and Casualty Insurance Co. 800-378-7262
Foremost Insurance Co. Grand Rapids Michigan 888-888-0080
Foremost Signature Insurance Co. 888-888-0080
Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Co. 800-531-8722
GEICO General Insurance Co. 800-841-3000
GEICO Indemnity Co. 800-841-3000
Government Employees Insurance Co. 800-841-3000
Government Indemnity Co. 800-841-3000
Hartford Casualty Insurance Co. 800-624-5578
Hartford Underwriters Insurance Co. 800-541-3717
Integon National Insurance Co. 800-462-2123
Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 800-295-2820
LM General Insurance Co. 800-295-2820
LM Insurance Corporation 800-295-2820
Massachusetts Bay Insurance Co. 800-922-8427
Metropolitan Casualty 844-569-3607
Metropolitan Group Property & Casualty 844-569-3607
Metropolitan Property & Casualty 844-569-3607
Mid Century Insurance Co. 800-493-4917
National General Assurance Co. 800-462-2123
National General Insurance Co. 800-462-2123
National General Insurance Online, Inc. 800-462-2123
Nationwide Affinity Insurance Co. of America* 877-669-6877
Nationwide General Insurance Co. 877-669-6877
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.* 877-669-6877
New South Insurance Co. 800-462-2123
New York Central Mutual Fire Insurance Co. 800-234-6926
Preferred Mutual Insurance Co.* 800-333-7642
Progressive Advanced Insurance Co. 866-302-4010
Progressive Casualty Insurance Co.* 800-876-5581
Progressive Max Insurance Co. 800-888-7764
Progressive Specialty Insurance Co. 800-876-5581
Property & Casualty Insurance Co. of Hartford 800-429-4545
Republic Franklin Insurance Co. 800-598-8422
State Farm Fire and Casualty Co. Agents Listed
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. Agents Listed
The Hanover Insurance Co. 800-922-8427
The Hanover Insurance Group* 800-992-8427
The Standard Fire Insurance Co. 866-522-1338
Travelers Personal Insurance Co. 866-522-1338
Travelers Personal Security Insurance Co. 866-522-1338
United Services Automobile Association 800-531-8222
USAA Casualty Insurance Co. 800-531-8222
USAA General Indemnity Co. 800-531-8722
Utica Mutual Insurance Co. 800-598-8422
Utica National Insurance Co. of Texas* 800-598-8422


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Auto insurance can help protect you from expensive, sometimes devastating surprises. Let’s say you’re in a covered accident. As an insured driver, you can get help paying medical bills, repairs, certain legal defense costs and more.

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Your coverage should be as unique as your ride. Check out your car’s make and model to find discounts, safety ratings and insurance information.



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