Friday Health Plans and Levels, Which is Right for You?

Friday Health Plans and Levels

Friday Health Plans, Inc. is a healthcare management company purposely built for today’s health insurance environment. Headquartered in Denver, the company focuses on overall simplicity to offer low prices so more people can afford health insurance. Operational efficiency, top-notch customer service, and smart technology are core to Friday’s consumer-centric approach. In June 2017, Friday Health Plans acquired Colorado Choice Health Plans.

Friday Health Plans and Levels:

Wallet-friendly Catastrophic, Bronze, Silver, and Gold health insurance plans for individuals, families and small groups.


For the Individual Who: Is under 30, worried about health emergencies, and wants easy access to doctors year-round to stay and get healthy.

This is our most basic plan with a price that’s tough to beat. With a higher deductible, this plan is a safety net for if you get really sick or hurt. Three free primary care visits are included so you can get those random ills and injuries checked out. And of course it includes free in-network preventive doctor visits for your annual check-up and free medications like birth control.

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For the Individual Who: Wants beneficial basics without splurging for the bells and whistles.

If you’re generally healthy, this is generally a good pick. The price is very wallet-friendly because of the high-deductible, but the Bronze Plus version includes unlimited $0 in-network primary care and mental health visits. This plan comes in an HSA form too!

The Bronze Group Plans are great if you or your group are comfortable with a high deductible plan and want the lowest cost. Bronze plans come in HSA, Basic and Plus (which includes $0 in-network primary care and mental health visits).

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For the Individual Who: Wants a lower deductible and high value for themselves and families.

Our Silver Plan has a deductible that is significantly lower than our Bronze and Catastrophic plans and includes unlimited free in-network primary care and mental health visits, plus thousands of $0 generic drugs. This is great for anyone looking for lots of free access to the medical services they use the most.

The Silver Group Plans are great for your employees if they see the doctor a few times a year and want the comfort of a mid-level deductible.

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For the Individual Who: Plans on using their insurance for more than just checkups.

It doesn’t get richer than gold. With this plan, you’ll pay a little more but have the lowest deductible. You’ll get unlimited free in-network primary care and mental health visits, and access to thousands of $0 generic drugs. If you and/or family members take regular medications or have a pre-existing condition, this could be an excellent choice.

If your group tends to give insurance cards a good workout (and don’t mind paying for a lower deductible), a Gold Group Plan may be the way to go.

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Friday Health Plans is expanding! and coming to Georgia, North Carolina, and Oklahoma on January 1. License is pending in Georgia and North Carolina.

Open for Health Insurance

Special Enrollment Period Open for Health Insurance through August 15. Friday Health Plans is welcoming new members—don’t miss out on benefits including $0 primary care and mental health visits, $0 generic drugs, plus $0 COVID-19 testing and treatment.

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