Top EHR Systems in 2021 & Reasons To Purchase Them.

Top EHR Systems 2021

An electronic health record (EHR) is not only a digital version of the traditional paper charting, but also a real-time health maintenance system that manages a patient’s health and a communication system that enables the secure transmission of health information.

As the excess of EHR benefits becomes ever more evident to physicians and healthcare facilities, several powerful and impressive vendors have emerged as leaders in the EHR industry, and offer excellence in EHR development, deployment, and delivery services. Each of these companies provide compelling services; however, it is vital to understand the benefits and drawbacks of each EHR system to select the most suitable EHR for your specialty and facility needs.

Selecting the best EHR for your practice or facility is vital to improving patient care and enhancing clinical competence. To ease the selection process for physicians and clinics of all specialties, the following is a brief analysis of each of the top EHR systems in 2021 including the reasons that why you can purchase them.


Epic is a cloud-based EHR, which is a scalable, and cost-effective solution for securely storing patient health records in accordance with HIPAA regulations. Systematically, Epic operates with a standard range of reliable EHR features, such as template based data entry, order management, and electronic communication and connectivity, while also providing a plenty of third-party apps to customize to the needs of specific specialties.

Epic’s biggest selling points is the company’s intense focus on patient management and remote care features. Such efforts are reflected in the company’s extensive patient portal and existing telehealth extensions. Epic encompasses all aspects of patient care, including registration, patient scheduling and billing-making it a well-integrated system. Additionally, Epic systems provides necessary implementation, training, and technical services to support its users long term.

KLAS, ranks Epic’s EHR as one of the top EHR systems for the past five years. Overall, Epic is regarded as a reliable, efficient, and comprehensive EMR system focused on providing excellent deliverables to large medical groups and inpatient settings.

Reasons to purchase:

Longstanding reputation, trustworthy
3rd party apps to fit specific
Cloud host system
Efficient user interface packed with shortcuts, templates, and smart phrases
Patient portal


Praxis is a customizable cloud based EHR system and is certified as a complete EHR for MACRA and freely automates CMS Quality Reporting Programs. Praxis stands out on this list for its innovative artificial intelligence operating system, which is called Concept Processing, that intuitively becomes faster and smarter with greater use.

Unlike all other EMRs, Praxis champions a template-free model that is demonstrated to improve medical quality, increase revenues of 30-40%, protect against potential legal issues, and lower physician’s burnout. Praxis also includes a unique DataMiner research tool, allowing for instant query on any information from a selected patient population, perfect for implementing advances in health maintenance, clinical studies, and drug trials. Praxis EHR promises and delivers in all aspects of increased user efficiency and comfort for all types of specialties and facilities including Hospitals, regardless of their size.

Reasons to purchase:

AI system learns from the user and gets smarter and faster with greater use
Template-free model allows for utmost freedom and customization
Improves medical quality
Increases revenues of 30-40%
Provides legal protection
Reduces charting time by 2 hours on average
Lowers physician burnout and protects from stress
Live technical support and comprehensive training services
Patient portal
DataMiner research tool allows for instant query


Cerner’s EHR system (Millennium), constitutes of a fully-integrated cloud based EHR system that spans the care continuum aimed at improving workflow, organization, and advancing patient care. Cerner’s major selling point is their in-depth commitment to success via the extensive implementation, full-service, and strategic vision support service offerings.

Cerner is also committed to improving the charting experience and healthcare delivery for all facilities and specialties by providing strategic population health advisory services to smaller medical practices and clinics. Recently, a new tailored cloud-based technology CommunityWorks to help Critical Access Hospitals in reducing financial barriers.

Cerner offers other support and training services, such as revenue cycle management, wellness, scorecards, and performance improvement services. Through Cerner’s client care support model rendering physicians can correspond and communicate with other providers, clinicians and patients, optimizing physician & patient communication efficiency.

Cerner remains one of the top EHR Systems in the EHR market with a reputable list of high profile clients.

Reasons to purchase:

Easy navigation and organization
Protects against HIPAA errors
Automatic transfer of charting data using a variety of input methods
Integration with third-party apps and systems
Patient portal
Comprehensive and well-regarded support services


MEDITECH provides an integrated and interoperable EHR system aimed at simplifying and improving physician-patient communication via technologies that encourage human connection and increase patients’ roles in their own course of care.

MEDITECH’s EHR system is well-known to perform tasks such as scheduling, charting, revenue management, and provides support services to home health agencies to manage at-home patient tasks, i.e. medication orders, service billing, and documents management.

Along with MEDITECH’s commitment to the optimization of everyday tasks, their EHR includes tools, such as the Cloud Platform and MEDITECH as a Service called “Maas”, and has comprehensive strategic partnerships with Google & Apple to aid in the provision of secure and cost effective care.

KLAS has recognized MEDITECH for the 7th consecutive year as one of the top EHR systems for Acute Care, the top EHR system for Patient Accounting and Patient Management solution for community hospitals, and the top EHR system for Home Health agencies.

Reasons to purchase:

Interactive web feel
Easy customization that meets specific needs to improve efficiency
Well-organized interface allows for easy identification of alerts and tools
Online customer support services
Interoperability via Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs)
Patient portal


eClinicalWorks is an integrated cloud based EHR system and Revenue Cycle Management solution that provides resources for efficient documentation, industry leading value and satisfaction, and in depth user satisfaction. eClinicalWorks version 7 features interoperability, allowing users fast and easy access to patient data anytime, anywhere, and through a wide array of applications. New features include, Eva (virtual assistant), and tools to optimize important patient engagement and foster a meaningful understanding about population health.

Perhaps the most popular quality attributed to eClinicalWorks EHR system is its own telehealth solution, called as Healow, which allows patients the flexibility to access their patient health information and communication with their selected physicians.

eClinicalWorks is also committed to improve data streamlining via its unique Grid cloud system, a group of Nina data centers that safeguard private data and administer this information to partner practices efficiently and its agreements between CommonWell Health Alliance, Carequality frameworks, and eClinicalWorks, allows for improved data streamlining and thus more accurate clinical decision making.

In 2017, eClinicalWorks claimed the Frost and Sullivan’s North American Customer Value Leadership Award in revenue cycle management for physician practices and clinics. eClinicalWorks is a reputable electronic health record (EHR) company whose EHR system is well suited for specialties focused on the prioritization of their customers and streamlined workflow.

Reasons to purchase:

Virtual visits via telemedicine application, Healow
Free conversion packages
Training included for small practices
Patient portal
Improved data streamlining via Grid cloud system
Health and Wellness Tracking Data

Other Well-known EHR Systems:

GE Healthcare


All Scripts

Practice Fusion




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